Love Locks Chocolates

Love locks. Iconic symbols of an unbreakable bond between two people. Couples in love secure a lock to bridges, fences, or walls, and throw away the key.

The top 6 countries in the world know for these displays are Germany, France, Italy, Ecuador, South Korea, and China. The Valentine's traditions from these countries provided the inspiration for the love locks pack.

Germany - In Germany, it is reported only 36% of couples celebrate Valentine's day. This chocolate has a ganache filling made of Valrhona's 36% Caramelia.

France - A traditional ritual of fertility originated in Rome, but was adapted by France and developed into St.Valentin day. It began as an event were young men would chase around women and spank them with a goat-skin whip to promote fertility. This chocolate is a egg yolk lemon curd ganache paired with a white chocolate and sesame seed ganache. Eggs and tiny seeds of protein.

Italy - Best know for wine around the world, during February, cherries and chocolate are a popular gift. This chocolate is a cherry jelly with a red wine (merlot) and milk chocolate ganache.

Educador - Celebrating Ecuador wouldn't be the same without including the amazing chocolate that is made from ecuadorian cocoa beans. This chocolate is a simple ganache using a 76% dark chocolate.

South Korea - February 14 in South Korea often involves women gifting to men, with men exchanging the gesture on March 14 (White Day). Dark chocolate and alcohol are common gifts. This chocolate is a 65% dark chocolate ganache finished with Soju, a traditional liquor made in South Korea.

China - Celebrated on Double Seven Day. Traditions centred around the story of a forbidden love between a orphan cowherd and the daughter of the emperor of heaven. This chocolate is a milk jam, for the young ox farmer, and a white chocolate ganache, for the daughter who was said to weave clouds to beautify the world.